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HVDV Christmas Appeal 2019

If your looking to give a food hamper this year here are some Ideas for your Hamper content .

* A bottle of wine

* Cracker biscuits

* Chocolates

* Christmas pudding

* Iced fruitcake

* Jam or Orange Marmalade

* Shortbread

*spiced biscuits

* Tinned vegetables





* Pasta sauce

*Lentils, beans and pulses

*Tinned meat

*Tea/coffee/Hot Chocolate

*Tinned fruit


*UHT milk

*Fruit juice and squash

Thank you to all who do one it is such a lovely gift to give this Christmas.

Welcome to this year Christmas Appeal 2019.

Collection point for 2019 at bottom of this page.

Here are some of last year’s comments 2018.

“The kids loved the bag you sent me. Let them take it and wrap it up from them. They were chuffed to bits”.

“So bloomin overwhelmed by your kindness and the kindness of all the people that have donated stuff. Knowing that you’re thoughts about and remembered is as lovely as the helping hand it gives. You’ve literally delivered us our whole Christmas”. Xxx

“This year had been hard enough breaking free with the children. Christmas came quick I managed to get a couple of prezzie for the children but for Christmas dinner I couldn’t afford a roast.

So was going to have fish fingers and alpha bit letters the hvdv team came with a hamper of food goodies and treats the children’s eyes lite up.

In the following days after they had been Liz popped by with a big surprise a food gift card for asda so we could buy a turkey and so fresh vegetables thank you HVDV you have truly made mine and the children Christmas one we will never forget”

Donating a shoe box or gift bag this Christmas is a wonderful gift to give and bring smiles back to the faces of these families.

Shoe boxes and gift bag needed.

Pre School 2-4 years Boy/Girl

Primary Ks1 5-8 years Boy/ Girl

Primary Ks2 9-11 years Boy/Girl

Secondary 12-16 years Male/Female

Women's (Mum's)

Men's (Dad's)

When putting together shoe boxes and gift bag together please can you make sure those items are age and stage appropriate for child you are wishing your shoe box / gift bag to be donated to.

HVDV Christmas Appeal 2019 Ideas of items you could put in your gift bag or a single gift.

Toy ideas

Dolls, teddies, toy trucks and cars, skipping rope, small puzzles and games, dressing up, role play items etc.

Art and craft.

Art and craft sets, painting sets, Pens, pencils, sharpeners, coloured pencils, felt pens or crayon, stamping set with ink pads, notebooks & paper, calculators, colouring & picture books etc.

Hygiene Items

Tooth brushes, Toothpaste, Soaps, Bubble bath, Shower gels, Shampoo and Conditioner, Bath fizzer, Flannels, Brushes, Combs and hair accessories etc.

Other gift items.

Hats, gloves, scarf, socks, Jewellery, nail polishes, cosmetics , cups , book, candles and wrapped sweets and chocolate , manicure sets Ect...

there maybe items you think of which we have not have listed if so if your unsure please email . [email protected]

Items we are unable to take due to allergies are sweets that contain nuts and balloons.

Please makes sure all toys are age appropriate for child would you are gifting gift to and that toys and games are with CE label.

Thank you for all for your kind support and thought that goes into making your gift bags and gifts which will restore their faith in mankind and make them feel they are not alone this Christmas and that people do care. Bring a smile to families who have fled Domestic Abuse.

Here are some comment from HVDV Christmas appeal 2017.

From outreach workers

*The first was the lady I gave the Christmas dinner to and she absolutely sobbed and said, “that is so amazing, we were just having a pasta bake” this left me welling up as well and also 1 of the older children. I also gave them sweets and presents from your appeal and they were extremely overwhelmed. She said, “It’s made us believe there is good to come for us”.

*The other lady I also gave a hamper to from your appeal. She said, “What is this for me?” When I said yes she said “no one has ever thought of me before, I don’t think I deserve it” she again was so grateful. I also gave her some biscuits which she immediately opened and made me a cuppa to go with it lol.

In both cases, these ladies had either struggled in life not just with the abuse but also financially. The simple act of giving a small gift and expecting nothing in return was amazing to them so thank you again for all your hard work.

*So here is my story... I fled to Wiltshire not knowing what to expect, with a few belongings and the clothes on our backs our journey began. 8 long months of being at refuge was tough I won’t lie I wanted to give up and go back but something inside said hold tight it will happen.. Low a behold October our dream had finally come true... Liz and her team worked solid for 2 days loading the van with everything we had on our wish list I was fortunate enough to do the basics but HVDV transformed an empty shell into a home for my children and myself. The team worked round the clock to put beds together and furniture into each room it was back breaking everyone was exhausted but it worth every bit of blood sweat and tears. My children and I were so overwhelmed by the kindness of these people who work so damm hard to make it happen for families to start over. Fresh start without them I do not know where I would be... few days before Christmas there was a knock at the door... Liz and Hvdv volunteers brought gifts for us all and even crackers to pull on Christmas day as soon as Liz left I cried and you know it showed people do care so thank you sincerely, we are all survivors xx

HVDV Collection points 2019

These collection points are only for the hvdv christmas appeal 2019.

any other donation please contact [email protected]

Swindon collection point

Crystal Spirit

21 Morley Street

Swindon Wiltshire


Waste not want not

Hungerdown lane




Calne Town Council

Bank House

The Strand



SN11 0EN

Office Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday - 9am to 5pm

Friday - 9am to 4.30pm

Saturday and Sunday closed

01249 814000.


Kennet Furniture Refurbiz (kfr)

Unit 6B (5),

Hopton Park Industrial Estate,

London Road,


SN10 2EU

01380 720722

Opening Times:

Mon -Thursday 8:30am - 4:30pm

Friday 8:30am - 4pm


The Abbey



SN16 9BA


Trowbridge Town Hall

Civic Centre

St Stephens Place



BA14 8AH

(01225) 765072

Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

Saturday 9 -1pm.

Sunday Closed.


Stove Hunters

The French Barn,

Harepath Farm,



Mon- Fri 10am-4pm.


Chippenham Town Council

High St, Chippenham SN15 3ER

Mon - Fri 9am til 4pm