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hvdv helped me make Christmas really happen! They helped restore my faith in humans and really worked their magic. They truly care!!! The gifts and hamper and gift card really took the pressure off me for our first Christmas in a different home. The expense of moving and the fact I had walked away from most my belongings made me think Christmas was going to be impossible. hvdv are like the real Santa to me and made me stay positive and feel I could still pull off a Christmas for my children who really deserved it, after all they had seen and experienced! When I escaped abuse and moved to a empty home, this charity helped me when I had very few things and just a folding chair to sit on. They helped make the home a home, they brought a Christmas tree and decorations and then on top of this months later they helped us with our first Christmas. They have helped me through the darkest my depressing time of my life... I could never thank this charity enough.

Thanks HVDV for making our Christmas special again x the hamper you gave us made the world of difference to us having a really wonderful Christmas x the hamper was crammed full of tins, boxes of biscuits and yummy took two people to lift it!!!!! Thanks to everyone who donated food etc and presents for the shoe boxes x my kids felt really special getting lots of goodies and there were pressies for me too! Restores faith that there are good people who care xxxx

To the kind people who donated gifts and funds for my small people. Words cannot say how much it means to us, you have changed our Christmas completely and made my8 children feel like the most special, loved and lucky children in the world. One has the grandest plans to spend every single day baking and another is dancing and dancing with her frozen dollies. There's lego, sweets, chocolates and stocking and all sorts! So much. From us all here we wish you a wonderfully happy Christmas and send loads of love. X

News And Events for 2020.

Big Thank you to Morrison’s Community Champion in Chippenham and Devizes and the Public for support HVDV with food and essentials for food parcel throughout Covid 19 pandemic. You have all made such a difference through these uncertain times and brought smiles to some many face who have been struggling . 

Thank you to Chippenham Town Council for their grant of £ 2,467.13 towards a van and training for HVDV in August 2020

Thank you to all who donated gifts and money to buy food for hampers for the Christmas appeal 2019. Here are some of the comment sent in by the individuals and families.