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Dear Kevin and Liz,

I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for all the help and support you gave me and my children to get us settled into our new home.

After such an horrendous time, I have totally regained faith in humanity especially following the kind gesture of a certain individual who paid for our cooker – to that person I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you so much for making an empty shell a home, each little thing made a huge difference to us, even the bedding being washed and fresh and beds made ready for us to collapse in.

In the absence of family, you made me feel I was not alone. Such a daunting prospect became a positive experience and it was all down to you.

Special thanks too or ‘Lee’ who engaged my son and made him feel an important part of the process.

I am sorry to hear though about your sick children and send my best wishes to you all, I really don’t know how you do it.

I have attached some before and after photos.

Once again thank you

(Family name removed) x

Although Liz and Kev (HVDV) were under a lot of pressure the week that I was moving, with several families to help, they did a fantastic job.

I have all the essentials and they found lots of items to add a homely feel to my house.

They went above and beyond their call of duty by spending a lot of time making sure my furniture was put together (even when I offered to do it myself) and even helping me with simple things like putting up my curtains!

Not only did they help in this way, but offered a lot of emotional support and talked to me about some of my worries. They do a fantastic job, but more importantly are genuinely caring people who enjoy helping others.

The work they do is phenomenal, and the only thing that could improve it is if they were to have more volunteers and funding to aid them in further helping others fleeing domestic violence.

Here I am one week later and feeling more and more secure and comfortable as the days go on!

My pet and I aren't pushing ourselves too hard, taking each day as it comes and appreciating our extreme good fortune and the blessing that is support and friendship.

I have a brand new fridge freezer and cooker installed, and the furniture that HVDV brought is fantastic!

hvdv team were wonderful. they even had her teenage and his pal help with the delivery, teaching them to understand a wider world and I have to say that they were delightful!

HVDV really went the extra mile - even supplied new curtain poles and put curtains up for me! You wouldn't know that I hadn't gone and chosen them myself - they are lovely. As for my bed.... it pulls out and makes two proper size single beds - you could leave them both up full time if you had a mind to.

They also went and got my table and came across on Saturday with that. They are still trying to get across to Devises for my vacuum cleaner and sewing machine and is looking at a chest freezer for me so that I can budget!

I couldn't be happier.

Thank you so much.

Our Work At HVDV

And Survivors Comments

In the last 12 months we have helped over 56 families to sustain independence and help them to start a new life without the abuse they once suffered. They have become survivors and this was achieved by the support of the public by giving. Whether it be donating items , helping to raises funds or giving their spare time to help out. all has helped to support these families so Thank you to all who have supported HVDV.

At this time we are in need of more trustees, more volunteers.12 months ago I had an idea to start this charity along with the support of a small group of kind people. We started helping victims. Months of paperwork we then became a charity.

Our first struggle was gaining the trust of refuges across Wiltshire but that was achieved. Then came the next challenge getting our name out there and raising funds. We worked hard bag packing and building relationships with staff in stores. Everything was coming together. The charity grew from strength to strength. Kind people offered items to help the victims, a lot of them having suffered DV. We also had a small team of kind people bag packing and dedicated is not the word they do so much which we are so proud of the hours of support they have given without their dedication we would not have the funds to do the referals.

We need more help as the charity has grown. Help with collecting items. Help with lifting items on and off the van, into storage and into victim’s homes. We need help with people giving up time to help shape the charity.

Setting up local fundraising groups. Having local item collectors so the van can stop once rather than lots of stops to collect clothes. Help with people coming and help bag pack in short we need volunteers. So please please help. Give your input how we could get more people to help. Can you help if you can email us at [email protected] Thanks for reading. Kevin xx

“I would just like to say a big thank you to your charity for raising funds to get my son a bike. He is a very confused little boy and this bike has given him such a fantastic outlet which helps him with his confused feelings, anger and frustration, it has also given him back some independence and replaces a bike he so greatly missed that he had to leave behind when we came to Wiltshire”

“He has now got the biggest smile on his face when he is out on his bike which is fantastic to see”

In his own words “the bike is awesome”

“I would also like to thank everyone that donated and those that worked really hard to make this happen for him, it has made a huge difference to his life”

“I would also like to thank the charity for all the everyday things that you have helped us with such as the TV, food etc…You have been fantastic and I can’t thank you enough. You have made what is an extremely difficult time that little bit more bearable for us all”

HVDV has been truly amazing with me and my 3 children. They supported me in my new tenancy when I left the women’s refuge by providing furniture and clothes for all of us as I was pregnant at the time. Without HVDV I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for them. HVDV have given me confidence to stand on my two feet in this world. Thank you HVDV for everything.

HVDV Christmas Appeal 2015

From refuge support worker Firstly I would like to say how grateful We are for the presents the children received. we were really pleased you guys were able to do this.

Everyone we have had feedback from were so overwhelmed by the gifts and how kind people can be which is lovely considering what they have been through.

Many thanks


Happy New Year to you all!!

What can I say, thank you just doesn’t seem enough, all the women and children loved all the gifts, thank you, thank you so much, we really cannot express in words what your support means to us each year, what would we do without you.

All I can say is you made so many people happy, they could not believe the generosity and how many gifts they received, some even commented, “this is the best Christmas” and as we are a refuge that was good to hear,

So again thank you for continued support.

Kind regards


I have spoken to our Dv support worker re the reaction from the families who she delivered the Christmas boxes to, she said that the mums were overwhelmed by the amount of gifts and very grateful to have been included, so thank you very much, it is great to know exactly what you offer now so that I can hopefully contact you if I have any mums and children in need.

Many thanks