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Support we can give to survivor's who are fleeing Domestic Abuse. 

How We can Help individual and families after fleeing domestic abuse.

HVDV was set up to help individual / Families who have suffered Domestic Abuse to become Survivor’s

We are NOT counsellors.

But if you are a victim of domestic abuse or if you know a victim and need help we maybe able to help.

We can sympathise with you as we have been in a similar situation and we have varied careers where some of us have worked for the Police force or within the NHS. There are also a lot of us that have suffered from domestic violence. Some of us have worked with people that have suffered domestic violence , male and female victims. We are here to help not to judge. We are not here to push you into anything. You can ask for as much help as you like or as little as you need.

If at anytime you no longer wish to have our help then just tell us and we will respect your wishes. If you feel you want a friendly chat then you can contact us. We can signpost you to other agencies that will be able to help. We can find your nearest Freedom program in your area and find important contact numbers for you. At no time is there any obligation.

Our catchment area is Wiltshire. It does not matter if you have escaped domestic Abuse from somewhere else but you must be staying in Wiltshire. If we grow then the areas will grow with us.

Here are some pictures of the items Hvdv have been able to support families with over the last four years. 

We help with resettlement and support in the Wiltshire area for survivors of domestic Abuse.

Maybe you / your family have fled with nothing or very little clothing? This is something Hvdv would be able to help you with.

We do have a stock of clean, used clothes that we can give you. If we do not have the sizes you need then we would put an anonymous request on our Facebook site. All clothes are sorted and washed so they are always clean and in good condition. We would not give anything that we would not let our own children wear. We also have a stock of toys and books for the children, so they are kept busy to help relieve the stress from yourselves.

Maybe you have fled with very little money and are unable to feed you or your family?

We have some very kind people that help us with food from time to time. We can also signpost you to tell you where your nearest food bank is in your area.

You have moved or are moving and have nothing we Can help you? With resettlement in our catchment area. (Wiltshire)

Hvdv have lots of kind people that have donated items. We also from time to time put out requests for items like a kettle, toaster, plates, cutlery.

So, we can help you with furnishing your home. In one week, we helped 3 families with collecting items that they needed for their new home. We will do our best to help with everything we can.

We believe that by helping with items we are helping with the foundations for you / your family to build your future on free from domestic abuse.

Need a friend to talk to or a group to go to?

We can point you in the right direction of children's centres / freedom programmes and other agencies that may be able to support you more.